A Little Bit About The Photographer

Roger Bennett has been working as a professional photographer since 2011.  Having resided in Las Vegas since 1985, he is well-known as one of the most popular and prolific photographers in Vegas, the ‘Wedding Capital of the World’.  He can be found at any given time photographing at little downtown wedding chapels, luxurious golf courses, and exotic locations outside of the city such as the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon.  Roger is also available to travel as needed throughout the southwestern United States, as well as around the entire world.  He frequently has photo shoots in Southern California, and recently photographed a fun, romantic wedding in the rain and snow of Monument, Colorado.

Roger Bennett professional photographer

Although Roger specializes in wedding, portrait, and event photography, he has extensive experience and is available for any of your photo needs.  In addition to still photography, Roger also offers digital editing, retouching and restoration services for photos.  Roger’s current preferred camera of choice is the Nikon D750, however he shoots with a variety of camera bodies, lenses, and other equipment.

Jack Nicholson Smoking Cigar 'After I Finish Editing A Wedding'

Roger is also the owner of Firestar Media, a company that provides a wide array of digital services including photography, graphic design, audio-video production & editing, content creation, social media, online marketing and more.  He also has colleagues throughout the wedding and AV industry – whether you need a videographer, minister, DJ or caterer, Roger can recommend the right person, company or venue.  Let us know any of your needs or questions and we will be happy to put together a custom package for you!

You can follow Roger or view more of his work on:  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  Pinterest

Wedding Photographer 'What I Really Do'